I am 17…going on 18…


Image by MDH in Houston

I don’t know how many of you remember that song from the movie “Sound of Music”  but it sure brings back memories. Oh how it felt to be finally of age, and people took you seriously and when you had something to say – they listened to the passionate voice of no experience, but all guts, glory and idealism.

Why am I being reminded of that time – cause I have one going through that at home.  Everything is a drama and life is all about you and your whole world is your oyster.  Life is black or white – no gray and you don’t understand why people won’t just do what you tell them to do.  After all – you know everything right?

Right.  I don’t think they have a clue – that we were that age once, we had all the enthusiasm and passion and guts to travel the world and do interesting things so we would be different from our parents and attain new heights. We were young and foolish and made mistakes and learnt from them or are still learning from them.

We thought it was fast paced when we were 18 and now it is at a supersonic pace. The worries were different then, now everybody seems to operate in virtual offices and enough electronic gadgets to start your own store.  Jobs that were held then are almost gone, with newer jobs coming in with fancy titles and education.  What you learnt in college is now taught in middle schools.

I just found out that in the state that I live in, ( the geographic location, not the state of  mind – but that would be applicable here too) you are considered an adult when you turn 17.  So you get to drive  a car, have a job and vote. You are probably a senior in high school and you better be sure you are not dating a minor.  You are worried about them driving and they are looking for an adventure.  You see the pitfalls of talking to strangers and they look at making friends with the whole world, especially on Facebook.

So as the song goes….

You need someone older and wiser

telling you what to do

I am 17…going on 18

I’ll take care of you…

Sigh! I love the way Rolf says it in the movie with complete conviction with no idea what life has in store for him.

O! to be 17 again.

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