Let the Games Begin!


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Yes I know that is how the Olympics start, but I was talking about a different kind of games.  The kinds of games that people play.  And if you are not smart enough or too naive to figure it out – boy are you the loser and the other person the user.  Some people are just born with that knack.  Some learn it fairly quickly.  Some figure it out the hard way and some never learn.

But , the sad part is that is the way life is.  Opposites attract – in any relationship you will find that one person is the user and the other is the loser.  I guess there must be a reason why it is so.  Both have to learn from each other.  One has to learn humility and the other has to learn to be aggressive.  Sure keeps things interesting, to say the least.

However, what really puzzles me is when you get caught in games that you don’t even realize you are playing. If you are the kind of person who thrives on competition, you will find a game in everything.  An aggressive need to be on the top drives that. But in doing so – how many people are you hurting and the top can be a very lonely place.  I know more than a few people who reached the top and then realized they have no friends.  Which one would you rather be? Somewhere in between with a lot of friends or at the top, alone?

So what does it mean when you get pulled into games that you are not playing? A wise friend said to me – it must mean you are where they want to be.  Flattering isn’t it?  I guess to some.  Game playing is an art. You have to look behind the fake smiles and sudden close friendships to see what is the motive behind it.  After all, you build relationships when you don’t need it.  Those  similar in nature see the advantages in the behavior, yet others are not so comfortable with it.

So what is the truth and what is not – only you will know.  So do you play the game or walk away from it? I guess it depends on what do you really want from it and who is playing the game.  Do you care who is winning?  If you don’t, then does it really matter?

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  1. Cross Atlantic Friend says:

    Phew, I can breathe easier now. My lifeline has been restored! Don’t u ever stop blogging.