Men are from Mars


Image by jasonb42882

They have to be – from mars that is – how else can you explain the bizarre way of how they do things?

Look at us women, we do so many things, and we take care of stuff, the nurturer, the go to person, the person who gets things done – who deals with all the pain and never says a word and we worry about everything  – including stuff that is not our own.  We rant, we rave, we whisper and cajole and we talk nicely and the men just sit there watching us wonder what the heck is wrong with us. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Men do get things done – I am sure there is some woman behind him giving a hard time about it though. :)

Having said all that I have figured out why the men are so successful at doing what they do, get high praise and pay for it.  They compartmentalize.  When they do one thing – that’s all they do.  Multi tasking is a woman thing. Haven’t you seen a mom cutting vegetables, stirring the pot on the stove, talking on the phone,  packing lunch, finding homework, tying shoelaces and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do? And that is just the first half hour of the day! Ask a man to make breakfast and people are impressed he cooks!!! Ha!

Men don’t intermingle their emotions and keep everything separate.  Work is work and home is home. You ask a question and the man answers it.  Hello?  Does he not know that what we want him to say.  He is not looking at the woman’s state of mind.  And he gets praised to the skies for it?  Wait! All the people who are praising him are all men. Duh! that explains it.  And the one time you ask him a direct question – he hems and haws.   Where as the women are sensitive, and we all know how to say it better.

I think men are awesome – what would we do without all that brawn, and without us women telling them what to do – how would they know what they need in life?

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