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September 2009

Tables have turned

Image by MonkeyRulez There used to be a time when the working for a brick and mortar company and retiring from the same company was the norm. Today if you say you work at one of the big companies, people wonder how come you survived the layoff.  These are tough times, economy wise which has [...]

Keeping the peace

Image by Christian Revival Network It is an art form – keeping the peace that is.  Now I know why negotiators and diplomats are paid so well and are so highly regarded.  Getting people to agree and do stuff without getting on each others nerves is not an easy job.  I am sure those of [...]

We are the dancers

I love the stage – whether it is dancing, acting or speaking – I was always comfortable in front of an audience.  I started off in theater and loved it.  As the years passed and the family grew, I looked for extra curricular activities to engage young minds – and found that dance was the [...]

Bringing up baby

Image by Malini I was visiting family and got to carry my new nephew or grand nephew depending on which way you look at it.  You are so used to looking at your own kids, that only when you see a child younger than your own do you realize how much they have grown. The [...]

Building castles

Image by MGShelton I am sure you have heard of the song about building castles in the air. I guess it must have been a take on dreaming and it was easier to build castles in the air.  I am not sure how many of you have been to the beach lately or tried building [...]