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October 2009

House up for auction – starting bid $500

Image by cofeego ..no that is not a joke – these are foreclosed properties that are being bid on the auction block in Wayne county in downtown Detroit.  I guess it is a good thing – after all these properties are being bought by investors who have the money and can buy it dirt cheap. [...]

Necessity is the mother of invention

Images by thefranksterk I am sure you have heard that quote from Plato?  And the Calvin and Hobbes version is “Mother is the necessity of invention.” Calvin probably said it cause his mother said ‘NO’ every time he wanted to do something.  Me, not only have I heard it, I am living it too – [...]

Can you die from running the marathon?

Image by conorwithonen I had to write something about it – cause it freaked me out.  I was supposed to be out there running the half marathon yesterday.  What freaked me out what was all the three people were half marathoners, different ages but all died between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:18 am [...]

Homecoming – Part II

Image by wstryder So, the day dawned bright  and clear and a little chilly.  But all events and schedules are geared towards the evening’s gala event.  Amidst arguing and grousing and firing the kids for not keeping things back from where they took it, the house is relatively clean, the dining table rearranged to accommodate [...]

Blog Action Day 2009 – my list of 15

Today is Blog Action Day 2009.  Every year on October 15th, everyone around the world is blogging about the same topic across the board.  Sends a pretty powerful message eh?  The idea is to raise awareness to trigger a global discussion. So how can you help -talk about it, give ideas, spread the word – [...]