Zero hour work week – Really?


Image by Hoggheff aka Hank Asby aka Mr. Freshtags

Is that for real? You ask.  O yes it is.  I actually stumbled upon this while looking for other stuff and realized a lot of what Jonathon says has a lot to do with how I want my life to be. Live life on your own terms – now doesn’t that sound cool. For those of you who are used tot he conventional, traditional lifestyle – where you have to ‘work’ because that is what you are supposed to do or that is what is expected of you – then maybe you should not read this.  It might seem like playing hooky and getting away with it – while you still have fun and make money.

However – if you are of the creative mindset, open to new opportunities – then definitely check this out.  I like his website tag line -’  don’t read this website if you want ordinary ‘ – totally conveys the underlying message – it definitely is not the conventional.  However his ideas are very much similar and resonates with most people who are successful doing the unconventional – but things that they love to do.

If you look at any of them – the underlying emotion that they all have is passion and positivity.  Every opportunity is seen as an opportunity for something else, no failure is termed a failure but a step to success and nothing they do is deemed as work.  Cause if it is ‘work’ – then it is not supposed to be fun – is it?

I have read his 4 hour workweek before – and everything he says in that book is doable.  So what makes him different from all the others who buy his book and read it – he had the courage to take the plunge and do just that.  I think that is the key – courage to chase after your dreams – actually that sounds like you  will never catch it – so how about -courage to Live your dreams.

Check out the Zero Hour Workweek and tell me what you think!

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