Blog Action Day 2009 – my list of 15


Today is Blog Action Day 2009.  Every year on October 15th, everyone around the world is blogging about the same topic across the board.  Sends a pretty powerful message eh?  The idea is to raise awareness to trigger a global discussion.

So how can you help -talk about it, give ideas, spread the word – so what you can do so that we can make it better.  After all  we have to take care of what we have so our children can enjoy it too.

While the UN is trying to reduce carbon emissions by 2015, we in our own little way need to do what we can to reduce it too.  How is that possible?  Here are 15 things that you can do to reduce your carbon emissions and reduce global warming:

  1. Be aware – Be conscious of what you do
  2. Turn of lights when not using them, unplug your electronic gadgets
  3. Use energy efficient bulbs
  4. Telecommute or carpool
  5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – makes you fit too.
  6. Recycle your trash
  7. Reduce plastic garbage
  8. Reduce your junk mail by asking the bulk mail companies to remove your from their list.
  9. Keep your tires of your car properly inflated (can save 400 – 700 pounds of CO2 a year)
  10. Get a programmable Thermostat
  11. Keep your home well insulated – weather stripping, caulking and insulation work together to save you energy
  12. Bring your lunch to work
  13. Print double sided
  14. Donate your old electronics to charity and
  15. Buy Local.

Happy Blog Action Day!

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