Can you die from running the marathon?


Image by conorwithonen

I had to write something about it – cause it freaked me out.  I was supposed to be out there running the half marathon yesterday.  What freaked me out what was all the three people were half marathoners, different ages but all died between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:18 am and around the same 12 mile marker.  It was the sunset of their lives yet they died in broad daylight.  Ironic isn’t it?

The news was out interviewing people asking them if they would stop running because people were dying from running, but from what I heard most people are not going to stop.  I am not going to stop running either – but it just goes to show nothing is safe anymore is it?  I remember the news when the economy was going down and people were getting laid off – the one thing that you saw an increase was in running shoes.  It was the easiest and cheapest thing to do – gave you your exercise and helped combat stress.  Now I wonder if all that stress had something to do with it.

The most bizarre part about the whole thing was the ages of the three people who died – 65, 36 and 26.  If I was into numerology I would say it had had something to do with the numbers – but it is eerie to see 6, 6 and 6.  If nothing else it reminds me of what someone told me – you only have so many heartbeats in your lifetime – whether you use it gently over a period of time or use it up all quickly, the number of heartbeats is limited.

Life is not measured by number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away! So live it up people!

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