Homecoming – Part II


Image by wstryder

So, the day dawned bright  and clear and a little chilly.  But all events and schedules are geared towards the evening’s gala event.  Amidst arguing and grousing and firing the kids for not keeping things back from where they took it, the house is relatively clean, the dining table rearranged to accommodate 16 teenagers, the food being cooked in stages so that it can be served hot and everyone’s schedules kept clear so that we are all home for the dinner.

The guys have it easy – take a shower, wear a suit and show up.  The girls have been planning this for weeks and the primping started even before the day began. I had detailed instructions along with diagrams on how the hair had to be done.  Even I was told what to wear so as to make the guests comfortable.

It all worked out – the girls dressed up to the nines, (they look way older when they get dressed up) the boys cleaned up pretty good, the parents all showed up to take pictures in all the different poses and then left and the kids sat down to a sit down dinner wit food being served.  Who knew what an adventure the dinner would turn out to be?  Lessons learned – you don’t have to add chili powder for the food to be hot!  And when you have fair skin – you become red when the food is too hot :) Thank god for desert and chocolate.  In the end – all’s well that end’s well.

The kids looked beautiful, they danced the night away and I am sure made some memories.  So now what happens?

Start planning for senior prom and if you are cooking for that crowd- don’t use chili sauce!

Its a good thing prom serves food. Phew!

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