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October 2009

The marathon is this weekend…

Image by Seamus Murray … and I will not be running in it .  Nobody’s fault but my own.  I was hoping to run the half marathon this year so that I can run the full marathon next year – but I guess I might as well start training for next year.  A lot of [...]

Where did the time go?

Image by Chovee Time flies when you are having fun eh?  I only realized the meaning of  ‘if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it again?’ when I had kids.   So when a stranger told me ‘ enjoy your kids, you have only [...]

Are we poor?

Image by borman818 How many times has a parent heard that from their child?  How do you explain to your child that being rich has nothing to do with money and neither is being poor for that matter. Imagine this scenario – your child is filling out college applications and have to fill out the [...]

Homecoming! Part 1

Image by BdwayDiva1 Its that time of year again.  For those who have high schoolers, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Homecoming dance is usually the first football game in the high school and the first time that the seniors who went off to college come back home.  The frenzy behind the planning, [...]

Zero hour work week – Really?

Image by Hoggheff aka Hank Asby aka Mr. Freshtags Is that for real? You ask.  O yes it is.  I actually stumbled upon this while looking for other stuff and realized a lot of what Jonathon says has a lot to do with how I want my life to be. Live life on your own [...]