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November 2009

I don’t wanna die……

Image by judepics …so I am going to take a nap.  I know it sounds corny doesn’t it – but apparently not getting enough sleep can kill you. So now what brought all this about? Have you heard that song from Owl City that goes something like -I feel like such an insomniac – why [...]

I am Thankful

Image by babasteve It is that time of year that everyone takes for granted – after all it is Thanksgiving. While some are forced to spend time with family or fake the smile – I, on the other hand, am truly have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for family, both near [...]

Raising boys

Image by Alaskan Dude As a mom you have heard them all – girls are easier to raise, boys are easier to raise, it must be because the girl is older, it must be because the boy is younger and every other combination in between. But let me tell you something – and I am [...]

The Devil is in the Details

Image by Son of Groucho I never thought about what that means – but it really sounds cool – don’t you think? Now I am not only thinking about it – I am working the details. But it is not just me, it is everything in everything – if that makes any sense. For example [...]

Do what you have to…

Image by anamalous4 …so that you can do what you want.  Interesting concept, don’t you think?  But it does not matter what game of life you are playing, it applies everywhere.  It is human nature too – giving the benefit of the doubt to that person who shows consistent behavior.  Get used to working hard, [...]