The Devil is in the Details


Image by Son of Groucho

I never thought about what that means – but it really sounds cool – don’t you think?

Now I am not only thinking about it – I am working the details. But it is not just me, it is everything in everything – if that makes any sense.

For example – if you have to read a book and talk about it – if you have not read the book in detail and remember – when someone talks about a certain aspect – you just would not get it.  I remember when they were talking about the government writing the bailout plan – how do you know who get s affected and who gets the benefit – you have to read the details to know it.

There are lots of projects in life, at work, at home – an everyone talks about the most obvious stuff – however if the little things are not taken care of – there may not be a project to take care of because – the devil is in the details.

You learn to play a particular piece of music on your instrument and you play something thinking no one will notice, but of course your teacher catches you on it – why? because she has seen it enough times and knows her stuff – the devil is in the detail.

You have a project at work, things are going well and then you hear you have to make a presentation to the bigwigs.  So you frantically prepare a slide presentation that gives all the details and when you go and present it, questions are asked.  Of course they pick on the small things that make a difference – but of course you knew that didn’t you – because the devil is in the details.

So it does not matter what you do, you want to be known as an authority on stuff – focus on the details. If you want the project to be successful – focus on the details.   If you want to know where things can go wrong – focus on the details.

Why? you ask?  If you have not already figured it out – it is because the devil is in the details.  That’s why.

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