Raising boys


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As a mom you have heard them all – girls are easier to raise, boys are easier to raise, it must be because the girl is older, it must be because the boy is younger and every other combination in between.

But let me tell you something – and I am sure many of you who are parents will agree and those who are not will probably freak out but it does not matter if it is a boy or girl, older or younger – its trial and error all the way and there is no ifs and’s or buts about it. No two children are the same, no two parents handle the same issue the same way – so everything is a learning experience.

So coming back to the reason for this post – I have to figure out a way to raise my boy right. Its not that he does not get it – he does – but how do I make sure that he cares that he got it – get it?  Of course when I air my grievances, I get laughed at.  Yup, you heard right – laughed at.  So this is what the conversation sounded like:

Me: I don’t what to do with him?

The Laugher: so what did he do?

Me: nothing

The Laugher: No so tell me what did he do?

Me: I told you Nothing!

The Laugher: Wait – so you don’t know what to do cause he has not done anything – how old is he?

Me: yeah, – he is 12 – he does not want to do anything – he just wants to find the easiest way to do stuff.

The Laugher : Laughs!  and keeps laughing.!!!

Me (the laughee): Why are you laughing? This is not funny.

The Laugher:  Actually it is – isn’t that what most people want to do – find the easiest way not to do work or not do anything at all? Leave him alone – he is fine.

Me: (the laughee): You mean this is perfectly natural for him to not care and not do stuff for his age? And here I think I failed as a parent??????

You see what I mean by trial and error. O the joys of parenthood!  So if you have any tips on raising boys I am all ears.

4 Responses to “Raising boys”

  1. Maya says:

    yup… me have! Listen to your older sister. Learn from her experiences. :) no two kids are the same. But there are some common things in the age groups. And your advice has kept me sane at times:) that nephew of mine just needs to grab life with both his hands. He’s got everything. Its just a matter of grabbing! ;)

  2. Malini says:

    You got any ideas on how he can start grabbing? This is a classic case of taking a horse to water but cannot make it drink.

  3. Cross Atlantic Friend says:

    hey Malini, If u have figured out the puzzle, let me know the solution. I have two of the same. They just don’t care. Period.

  4. Malini says:

    Hey, I thought I could get advice from you. Hee hee hee looks like you have the same issue.
    I thought it was the order of birth thing – it looks like it is a boy thing.
    I think we have to wait for some girl to say something and then maybe the bodybuilding and smelling good phase will start. LOL!!!