Is it all about the money?


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The whole world was watching and listening while Tiger Woods dealt with his personal ‘transgressions’ publicly.  Poor guy! He had no idea what it was like to be at  the brunt of public scrutiny at the hands of the press.   While the police were able to close the case, his trial with the public has just begun.

Of course now the whole world wants to know about his family and his wife and what kind of a person he is – to begin with.  For someone who valued his privacy so much so that he has a yacht named ‘Privacy’ – it must be extremely difficult.  Much was discussed on talk shows all over the world if we really needed to know all the sordid details – but then the argument was presented that for a public figure – there will be public scrutiny.  More emphasis was given to his endorsements – after all all his sponsors are paying him all that money to be be this stellar person with no blemishes so that they can sell their product.

And then the news broke about the pre nup arrangements.  His wife gets so many more millions and she does not talk about what happened.  Is it really that simple – you pay somebody money and the pain goes away?  Is it supposed to make you feel better?  I guess the only difference between the regular Joe and a celebrity with a similar experience is that as a celebrity  – you have the advantage of having all that money at your disposal to help you ease the pain.I felt sad for them as a family, its hard enough to have an experience like this in your life – but having the press hounding you and the rest of the world passing judgment on your every move is even worse.

I always used to wonder -why can’t life be just smooth sailing – no worries, no problems and everything is huinky dory.  Then I was asked to compare life to a typical Bollywood movie – you know the perfect ‘masala’ movie – hero, heroine, the villan, the song and dance sequence, the conflict, the fight, the chase and the final resolution and happily ever after.  Well, if I bought a ticket to go and see a movie and there was no conflict, no fight scene – I would be mad and ask for my money back. I have realized that life too is like that – when everything is fine – you wonder what is wrong.  Every conflict that you have to face is a lesson that you have to learn.  You make mistakes so you figure out how to do it right.

This day and age everything seems to be about the money – it is a great motivating factor – it is a great fear factor too.  It works for most people but at the end of the day – money does not buy you happiness.  It can buy you trust up to a certain extent but you cannot buy relationships.  Well, maybe you can – but aren’t relationships about being able to connect at that deep level, having that special someone who understands you, someone who has the same values and a partner in your big adventure that is life?

I guess some of us still have to figure that out or maybe not.

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