Nobody’s perfect….


Image by Monica’s Dad

…but in in your minds eye they are perfect for you.  Wise words told to me by sister, the voice of reason when I cannot think straight.

My world was shaken..the rose colored glasses came off..I realized that people change, they grow up..some just take longer than others.

I realized you can’t change people or their actions…but you can change your reaction so that you can sleep at night.

I realized that what you project is what you receive … project the good stuff if you want it back.

Could it be that some people live in a bubble they have no clue how what they do affect the rest of the world around them or am I just trying to find a link where there is none?

I realized it is all part of growing up and learning the lesson – after all how can you learn the next lesson if you have not learned this one?

I know that children choose their parents, so if they chose you, you are blessed.

I realized that you are the sum of your experiences -after all how do you know how it feels unless you have been through it yourself?

I realized that age has nothing to do with wisdom – there are some who are very young and seen more than some could have ever wanted to in a lifetime.

Life goes on, there is a reason and season for everything, what goes up must come down, no one can ever take away what is in your heart, don’t worry, be happy, have faith…..all very encouraging, some cliched …but it does not matter because it is all true.  After all the reason it is so overused is because it is all so true.

Go with the flow, if you fight it you end up being bruised and battered, so save yourself some trouble and go with the flow.   That’s my plan – I may have a few bruises – but I will put them down as badges of courage, building character…

I am a slow learner, but what can I say…but late than never, right?

4 Responses to “Nobody’s perfect….”

  1. Cross Atlantic Friend says:

    Wait a minute…. I wait PATIENTLY for god only knows how many days and all I get is just one entry/topic out of you. why do feel it is a rip off!! Oh, that’s right, nobody’s perfect ;-) Keep writing, Malini. Talk to u soon. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  2. Malini says:

    woman – you talking about posts or something else that you can have multiple times….;)?. But Dang! you got that right. Good things come to those who wait…. more is on its way….I was wondering why I had not heard anything yet :)

  3. Cross Atlantic Friend says:

    hey, these days I values my zzzz’s more than multiple times! But, sometimes,hmm….. Have I gone too far?

  4. Malini says:

    Hee hee hee – I never thought you would actually come out and say it – but good going girl…