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Have you ever heard of SMART goals?  I am sure many of you have while at work and doing your performance plan – if not, no worries – this is what it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable,  Realistic and Timely.  But here is the irony – I find out more about it -as the end of the year approaches.  But at least I found out before the beginning of 2010.

When  I started blogging – towards the end of 2008 – I had plenty of time – understandably so – considering I was laid off   and I was looking for my passion and myself.  I was testing the waters to see what was out there and set some goals to make it fun.  There was a different focus too – it was to keep the morale high and be engaged.  It was a liberating experience as well – when I was asked the question – if you had no qualms about money – what would you do – I had no answer.

I never realized how much I was limiting myself – human tendency is to go back to what your comfort zone is.  So when I started giving myself permission to think outside the box – it was very liberating.  Imagine being able to do anything that you wanted and nothing stood in your way.  The only thing that would stall you from doing anything would be fear – and that is within you.  So the idea of drawing up goals was very exciting.  Except -now when I think about it – I definitely did not follow the SMART principle.

The exciting thing is that you can apply the SMART principle to anything in life and you will be successful.  You have to be specific.  The days of filling up the paper with words that don’t mean anything is long gone.  The S could also, in my mind stand for ‘simple’.  Keep it simple and specific so that you know where you are.  Being measurable is a requirement these days.  In these economic times – all the numbers need to add up – how do you know what you have accomplished. No point in aiming for something impossible or so simple that there is no challenge in it – it has to be Attainable in order to have an excuse to celebrate.  It should be Realistic – do not try to change overnight – it wont work – but baby steps in the beginning – goes a long way.  And finally timely – it has to create that sense of urgency so that you will take action – not be so vague that you never start the project at all.

There is more to be said on this topic when setting goals for 2010.  So are you following these rules for your goal setting?

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