12 things I learnt on my blogging journey in 2009

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The spirit of Christmas was the inspiration for this article.  Join me as I journey through the world of blogging in 2009. (This is a long one – so grab that cup of cocoa and get comfy :) )

On the first month of Blogging the Universe sent my way, the unemployment line and a blog.

It was already December, I was laid off in November.  Companies were was laying off people by the hundreds – most left the state looking for other work, those who stayed joined the unemployment line.  So to take a quote from ‘Sound of Music’ when God closes a door he opens a window. He did, he closed the door to a regular job and opened a window into blogging – I had no idea that such a world existed. What a treat I was in for.

Thanks to Blogspot – I was able to start a blog and learn the ropes of basic blogging.  Little did I know how much there was to learn and there are tons of people to help you out if you need the help.  If you have never blogged before – this is a great way to start.  It allows you to spend you time on the basics of blogging, what you should focus on as far as content and the importance of providing quality content and posting on a regular basis.  The best part is if you are stuck there are so many people that can help you, you almost have to narrow your list down to your favorites so you don’t get overwhelmed.

On the second month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way, Online Profits and the world of blogging.

So, now as I got comfortable with my blog and posting on a fairly regular basis, I had favorite sites that I always read.  When you are new, you are eager to learn but at the same time you want to be a part of a group that learns together, it makes the learning easier, besides you can always learn from each other. So when the Online Profits course was introduced – (check out my testimonial at onlineprofits.com), I jumped at the chance.  It was meant for newbie’s, to help them learn the terminology and what else is involved that you don’t normally look at when developing your blog.

On the third month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way, an experience as a travel blogger.

I had the opportunity to travel overseas, and I was gung ho about documenting my way.  It was a learning experience.  Little did I realize that having a computer and a blog is only one part of the equation.  You also have to learn how to be savvy about connecting while at airports in different countries and it is always best to use the local resources.  My computer died while I was overseas and because the computer was bought in the US, nobody would touch it. I had to wait to get back home to fix it. I used the local internet café and local computers, which is much more convenient since you don’t have to worry about power surges and battery charging.

On the fourth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way thoughts of a new domain name

This was after months of talking and sounding it out and asking people’s opinions and testing –it finally had to sound and feel right.  The path to a domain name is not easy – it has to be easy to type, easy to remember, preferably a .com and preferably one word that gives you an idea what the blog is about.  Don’t think you can change later – you would not want to since you build a brand name with that name – so do it right the first time – if you can.

On the fifth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way an introduction to becoming better

I thought once you had the basics in place you would be all set.  I was so wrong.  You are always learning and what you may be an expert in is what someone else may need help in.  I was introduced to the 31 day program and what an intense exercise it was.  The best part is everyone is learning and everyone is helping.  What a great place to be in!

On the sixth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way Google Analytics.

An amazing tool that helps you understand your audience and the effectiveness of your page.  You could spend all your time just analyzing the report but you have to have content in your blog before someone wants to read it.  It is almost a given that no blog should do without.  best part about it – it is free.

On the seventh month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way the ability to see blogging as a business.

In business you have to spend to earn some.  You take a cheap route – you get what you pay for.  If you are not a business person, it is a difficult decision to make, but would you not rather spend and get it done right than spend more and learn the hard way?  But sometimes learning the hard way is the best way to learn.

On the eighth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way  the path to create a brand.

So what makes a brand a brand?  It is all about creating a sense of trust with your readers. And how do you do that?  By interacting with them day in and day out and spelling it out instead of giving false hopes.  If you think you can make money without hard work – it is a myth.  It comes with practice and practice makes perfect.  I see that seeing some of the people who have created a brand – watch and learn.

On the ninth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way an amazing business idea.

It takes courage to take something you believe in and run with it.  The difference between those who do well at business and those who don’t is the fact that they make a decision quickly and then keep going.  Half the time you doubt yourself, the other half of the time, you think everyone else is doubting you.  At the end – you remain a doubting Thomas or Thomasina as the case may be and not go anywhere.  So take it and run with it, if it works great , if not keep looking.

On the tenth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way lots of other blogs to help me out.

I thought I was the only one struggling to figure all of it out.  I am not and never will be.  the best part about blogging is that you will never be alone.  There will always be people having similar issues as you and an equal number of people to help you out.  Take a leap of faith and ask around – someone will help you.  There are many experts – make a list of your faves and keep in touch.

On the eleventh month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way the opportunity to understand what it is like to be juggle.

No, I don’t mean juggling in the literal sense but juggling so many responsibilities and still trying to be on top of things.  It is hard to find time to do everything, but I found out that if you take out some quiet time – it works.  I tried all times, early morning and late night to see what works for me.  I figured out I need to have quiet time to gather my thoughts and write without interruption, unless of course it is a big post, like this one.

On the twelfth month of Blogging, the Universe sent my way, a routine and a plan for the New Year.

How quickly the year flies by.  Before you know it, the year is already over and there is so much to do.  I have learnt that it is important to have a routine, blogging every day or 3 times a week or consistently is important to keep your audience with you.  I am excited that I have my own domain name, I also have a couple business ideas that I am pursuing, can’t wait for 2010.  Merry Christmas!

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