Reflections of a year gone by


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I can’t believe a year has gone by.  Much has happened, much has been learned and there is much more to learn.  I was looking at the new year resolutions that I had made last year and it was very much a reflection of my state of mind.  I look at what I have accomplished and see progress and as I plan for the new year I am a little more wiser on how I want to address the resolutions for 2010.

At the beginning of last year – this is what I was looking towards:

1. Write on this blog everyday (> or = 291 posts)
2. Don’t worry, be happy (since happiness is a state of mind)
3. Smile more (reflective of #2)
4. Find my passion (so that I can meet #2 and 3)
5. Increase my earning power (when I meet #4, #5 will be attainable)

At the end of 3months, I still had a ways to go, as noted below:

Now looking at the list – it is all still attainable.

1. I still have 254 posts to go in the next 9 months – that is approximately 28.2 posts a month – that works to one almost every day.
2. Definitely happy
3. I think I am smiling but how do I make sure I am.
4. I am definitely ahead of where I was when I started.
5. I am working on it – based on most of what is written about that subject – it takes a while to get there.

At the end of 6 months,on July 1, this is where I stood:

Well, so far I have written 117 posts which leaves with another 174 to go. At this point I have yet to write more than I have already written. Since I have 180 days to write a 174 posts – I should say I am still within range.

I have to say I have enjoyed this exercise of making sure I have completed my writing for the day. It is habit forming, once you start it is difficult to stop.

As far as the rest of my goals – being happy and smiling more – o most definitley happening – after all happiness is a state of mind. I feel like 25 again and nobody can dictate how you feel right? Now, if only I could get the rest of the world to look at life like that :)

1.  At the end of this year and this post I would have written a 191 posts. Mmm – not bad considering the first year but could have been better.

2. Don’t worry – be happy – Definitley – it is working- the less you worry, the more things work out.

3. Am I smiling more?   Did you know that those who smile the most are those who have the most pain to hide? Some things you find out the hard way, some you realize is life – live, learn and accept it – what else can you do but smile?

4. Find my passion – I have found it – it is Life!  So now focus on the strengths, be in the moment and do it now.

5. Increase my earning power- did you notice I did not say get a job?  Big difference – if you get paid to do what you love – isn’t that the best!!!!!

Live! Love! Laugh! Thank you 2009!

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