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January 2010


Image by Michael Filion That is the sign of panic setting in – I turn around and time has flown – January is over???  It cannot be – it seems like yesterday when it was getting close to Christmas time and plans were being made for presents and vacation and new year resolutions.  Apparently time [...]

Why does it come down to divorce?

Image by Doug88888 I am having a really hard time dealing with it – divorce, that is.  No, it is not mine. I never really thought I had an opinion either way and even when things were rough I refused to think of that eventuality. I am not for it but I am not against [...]

Billion Dollar Day

Image by AMagill Today seems to be the day of billions and millions. First you hear of Conan being paid 40 million to shut up and not bad mouth the NBC brass, then you hear of Citigroup posting a 7.6 billion dollar loss and then the 186 year old British candy company Cadbury’s being bought [...]

What makes the world go around

image by borman818 Is it love or money?  Right now if you ask me I would say it is money.  Maybe it is the cynic in me or maybe it is just the time – but it sure seems like money wins hands down. Things are changing as we speak.  The economy is not at [...]

Letting go

Image by littledan77 Easy to say but really hard to do.  Even harder is when you are a parent and you see your teenager taking off in that car all by themselves.  You prepare your whole life for this moment – yet when that moment arrives you are never ready.  Can time fly so fast [...]