Letting go


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Easy to say but really hard to do.  Even harder is when you are a parent and you see your teenager taking off in that car all by themselves.  You prepare your whole life for this moment – yet when that moment arrives you are never ready.  Can time fly so fast that you are already watching the result of your parenting?  It seems as if it is too soon.  Like an exam – you have been preparing for and when the time comes – you want to go through the material one more time.

On the other hand, that teenager is looking for any possible moment to assert their independence.  As parents you want to prepare them for all the possible things that go wrong – but can you really?  How long can you keep holding their hand?  And I know as I say this – I am strong for my older one but the moment it is time for my younger one to leave I am going to be a basket case and worry about everything in and around.

My sister asked me why didn’t anyone tell her that being a parent is hard, her husband asked her why can’t she be strong, my teenager asked me if my parenting skills with her was all an experiment, my husband asked me why am I in such a hurry to let her go and my preteen can’t wait to drive a car.

Everyone is right – yes it is hard being a parent because all of a sudden everything you do affects someone else who is totally dependent on you and you are responsible for them. Of course we as moms are strong, we just don’t know it, otherwise we would have given up before we started (we went through labor didn’t we?). Besides dads don’t know what to do when they see their kids sick or cry.  My teenager is right – all my parenting skills was an experiment with her, I had lots of advice but most of the time I had to figure it out on my own and when I had my second one, I had to do it all over again cause no two kids are the same.  I don’t think I am in a hurry to let her go but  would rather she makes mistakes when she is close to home and I can help her figure it out rather than when she is far away.  As far as waiting to drive a car – you will just have to wait.

She drove off in my car and while I am waiting for her to get back, I am praying to  all the gods – I never said that just because I can let go I wont worry.

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