What makes the world go around


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Is it love or money?  Right now if you ask me I would say it is money.  Maybe it is the cynic in me or maybe it is just the time – but it sure seems like money wins hands down.

Things are changing as we speak.  The economy is not at its best, people are still losing jobs and budgets are still being cut while universities are still increasing the tuition rate.  Kids are still dreaming and parents are still paying off loans – so will someone please explain to me how does this all work?

Does it make sense for me to go to a local or state college than be adamant about going to a $40,000 year school?  Does it really matter where I did my undergrad from as long as I get a good grade and don’t have a $200,000 loan to pay off? Should I not go to a school where they are giving me a full ride versus going for the namesake or keeping up with the Joneses?

If all the above makes sense – why are the colleges increasing the fees?  We have already determined that this country has no clue how to live debt free – just look at economic crisis that we are in.  If adults themselves cannot manage the money – why are we not teaching that in schools?  How do you expect a 17 or 18 year old to figure out interest rates and loans if their parents themselves can’t figure out how to stay out of debt?

If you raise a stink about going to an expensive college – you better have the money to pay for it or better yet, let the  college who wants you there pay for it.  But why is it so important to go to that expensive college – when you know that when you come out of college, you will probably be working for someone who went to the local college and did just fine.

So do I put all my dreams on hold and be a cynic? Learning to make choices and accepting it is all part of growing up.  This generation that is so used to instant gratification needs to see beyond just this moment and more into the future. So what do I do?  I just postpone my dreams till I can pay for it – after all love does make the world go around but if I had money – it would sure be a smooth ride.  You think?

4 Responses to “What makes the world go around”

  1. Trans Atlantic Fan says:

    Hey Malini,

    …And I thought it is the sun’s gravitational pull/force which rotates the Earth and other planets around it is what makes the world go round!!! Hang in there, kid. Believe me, u are not alone in this rat race called college admissions! Everything will be OK.

  2. Savita says:

    Malini ,

    We debate on this almost once a month .To send kids to state college or try to keep up with the Joneses.
    We all are in the rat race.Choice?

  3. Malini says:

    Yeah – that is what i thought too – but apparently along with all that gravity is the gravity of the situation too. Talk about a reality check. I swear sometimes maybe if the kid was homeless or below the poverty line – she would have a better chance at getting where she wants to go rather than graduating with a loan of 150,000.

  4. Malini says:

    Savita, the stae colleges are just as good – what is hard to understand is that the colleges increase the fees every year by at least 10%, unemployment is high, people are getting laid off, there is no increase in income and unfortunately most 2 professional parents fall in that in between bracket where you do not qualify for aid – so as a result you end up taking a loan. Most Indian parents want their kids to go to top schools. But if it is expensive and you cannot afford it, then what? What is difficult for immigrant parents is to allow your children to graduate with a loan since we were brought up to live debt free. Most kids in this country don’t have an issue with that. A major learning curve. Will keep you posted on how things progress.