Billion Dollar Day


Image by AMagill

Today seems to be the day of billions and millions. First you hear of Conan being paid 40 million to shut up and not bad mouth the NBC brass, then you hear of Citigroup posting a 7.6 billion dollar loss and then the 186 year old British candy company Cadbury’s being bought by Kraft for 19.6 billion.  Is it just me or there seems to be a lot of money determining the fate of people and companies.  Just goes to prove my statement that money does make the world go round.

I seem to be more tuned to the money aspect of things ever since I had to figure out this whole college tuition deal.  Maybe it is just my attitude towards it that is making this so hard to swallow.  I am sure there are millions of families in the same boat.  Maybe it I just because I never had to deal with this kind of planning when I went to college.  Now granted I went to college in India, the days when everything was subsidized – you just had to study hard – but nowadays even that has changed.  There was a period when the only time you had to take a loan was to buy a house or get married or send yor child to engineering or medicine.  But now even that is no longer true.

Everyone takes a loan – seems to be the way of life.  Now imagine someone paying you 40 million to stop whining.  I guess NBC goofed up pretty bad eh?  Would you be happy with that much money at the cost of your dream?  That’s a tough call. But then with money making the world go round – you can do a lot of stuff with that kind of money – no?

As far as Cadbury’s being bought by Kraft – can’t complain – have been exposed to both companies –grew up on Cadbury’s  and now living with Kraft – but I guess it must be hard for the British to swallow – after all it is a piece of history.  And then Citigroup posting a 7.6 billion dollar loss – apparently Pandit (Citigroup CEO) was all smiles.  Hey I would be happy too if I paid back the 20 billion dollar loan to the government – wouldn’t you?

Counting all those billions must be hard. All in a days work I guess.

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