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January 2010

Parents and Facebook – stalking or voyuerism?

Image by benstein Now I am not sure how many you have Facebook or how many like Facebook – but you have to admit that it has changed the face being in touch and one of the major players in the social networking scene. Something that was created by a student at Harvard university, went [...]

What Matters Now

This is the name of the free e-book by Seth Godin.  For those of you who don’t know who Seth Godin is  – he is considered as a marketing genius, an author of over 10 books on what he calls permission marketing.  He also writes about work and change. A graduate of Tufts and Stanford [...]

What is retirement?

Everyone seems to be talking about i t- here in the US every election and every president talks about social security and how it is going to affect people when they retire.  But I guess no one really thinks about it unless it hits them – right? It is a noble thought – you pay [...]

Know your strengths

That seems to be the message I have been receiving the last couple weeks.  Talk about it hitting you in the face.  Clue number 1 – If you have not read Strengthfinders 2.0 – I think it is worth a read.  The book is written by Tom Rath and has been on the bestseller list [...]

Don’t take life seriously

The above is a quote from a speech given by Chetan Bhagat at Symbiois – a friend forwarded it to me and I loved the simplicity of the message – Its okay. I went to see the George Clooney movie – Up in the Air – chick flick as the guys say – but I [...]