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February 2010

What is life without drama?

Image by cloudzilla It sure seems like that without any drama life is not complete.  We see it on reality TV – after all art is an imitation of life – so it must happen in real life too- no? 

10 tips to keep you sane

Image by procsilas Just because you have so many things going on and are extremely busy does not mean you are getting things done.

Do you remember when

Image by alexerhead When I saw the news about a teenager winning 60 grand for texting and the news that they plan to ban phones while driving I had to write this. Do you remember when we had black and white televisions and programs only till 11 pm – now it

Because God said so

Image by John-Morgan I am sure you have heard the dreaded ‘Because I said so’.  Well, that is usually your mom and you do so reluctantly because you really don’t have a choice – well, you actually do – but if you are asking why do I have to do it – that is probably [...]

The 99 club

Image by A National Acrobat Have you ever heard of the 99 club?  Here is an Indian folktale that illustrates the concept. Once upon a time,