Am I alone?


Image by Dan Zen

Heck no! I thought I was the only one who freezes up and did not do stuff cause I was scared of the outcome.  So when my kids ask me ‘What if I don’t succeed?’  I sit with them, talk to them, reason with them, explain to them about just doing what you need to do and then I realize – Dang! I need a clone of myself to tell me that – who will keep me motivated and push me to do stuff that I have been meaning to do.

So obviously when I read Darren Rowse of Problogger fame saying that he too had this fear that was holding him back -I did not feel so bad. (check out  Darren created the forum to keep him motivated.  So what is my game plan?

I have been accused many a time of just planning – hey, it is easy to plan.  Actually the further away it is – the more planning is required. So I started to wonder out loud what is my issue?  I have a million things to do – but I need to get going.  You would think that dreams of name and fame would help – but nope – that does not work, so what is holding me back – it is complacency (besides procrastination, of course).  There is no desperation, no  burning need, no have to do it or die kind of feeling – at least today there isn’t.

I read about all the guys who are making 6 figures doing what they want, and they all worked hard.  There is no short cut for hard work – you just have to do it. But the question is how badly do you want it? And the follow up question is it really worth all that effort?  But see – there in lies the difference.

You can always justify to yourself why you don’t need to do something or why you need to do something.  But how do you explain to your child that you cannot do something or go somewhere cause you don’t have a job or the money?    Keeping face can be a great motivator, no?

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