And the answer is…


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I know should not be surprised but it amazes me every time.  I asked the question if I was alone – wondering if the predicament was mine alone – wondering how all those successful people manage and the universe gave me an answer – in more than one way.

I stopped at the library to return books and ended up borrowing more than I intended to.  I was looking for the latest books that I need to read, could not find any and ended up picking up ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho.  It was on my list for a while but I never seemed to have the time or the inclination.  I opened it up and was hooked (signs of a good story teller).

And it was not even in the main story – it was in the introduction by the author,  that I was given the absolute best answer as if I had asked the question to him ( well – I did ask the question).

So here goes…..

There are 4 main obstacles that prevent us from confront our dreams:

1. We are told from childhood that whatever we want to do is impossible.  And we believe it.

2. Love – we are so afraid of hurting the ones we love that we abandon out dream.

3. Fear of defeat – (this was where I am stuck) – we know that if we do not win – we cannot say ‘well, I did not want it anyway’  because we really do want it and we are working so hard for it.

4. Fear of realizing the dream – the guilt that we are filled with when we think we will achieve the dream, the self doubts, do we deserve it – it is the final frontier.

Once we have overcome the above 4 obstacles -w e finally understand why we are here.

It sounds like an amazing journey, an adventure and I am excited.  If you have not read this book already, you should, definitely a keeper – I know I am looking to keep it on my bookshelf to remind me every time the self doubts start to rear its ugly head.

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