Its like coming home


I had forgotten what it was like when I was a teenager and the dreams that I had and wanted to accomplish.  Become an ambassador, travel the world, be my own boss – the feeling of being able to conquer the world wild and free and nothing and I mean nothing that stands in your way.

Then I grew up and I had all these things I had to do and I focused on doing.  In the mean time – I kept reading about following your dream – and I pooh poohed it saying it is not my time yet – all that is for other people – I have duties to fulfill.  There were signs but I chose to ignore them.  But the signs are even more loud and apparent now – so either I have to do something or risk it never being heard again.

So what is all the excitement about – a really cool site that reminded me of the days when I had so many plans. Check out the Art Of Non Conformity – a travel blog of sorts but mainly talks about following your dream and being able to change the world.  It may or may not agree with some people but for me it was like coming home. Deja`vu…  Interestingly enough – the women this family can totally identify with this site cause we are taking steps to change the world in our own way – one step at a time.

Interesting how things work isn’t it – When you want something with all your heart – all the universe conspires to achieve it – The Alchemist

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