un momento


Image by *saxon*

It was a nice surprise, a call – friends from long  ago were in town – did you want to stop by?  Sure – we have not met in more than 10 years -would love to catch up.

So we did stop by and catch up – work, family, children.  We all started off from the same place -but we all had different goals we had to accomplish, followed different philosophies of life that kept us sane, gave our kids the value system that we were brought up with and yet when we meet so many years later – we are comfortable in who we are and why we do the things we do.

So many years have gone by, yet when asked what all is going on – nothing comes to mind – we are all in the same boat going through the same journey, men are men, happy to be who they are, the women are confident, unafraid – after all what is there to be afraid of -gathering strength from each other, the kids comfortable with each other.

It was different this time – The old insecurities don’t have a chance to creep up.  Is it because everyone is older or is it because we have seen beyond the games that people play?  It could be because we know who we are and where we want to go or what you see is a reflection of your own state of mind.

So much time has gone by before that meeting yet it seemed like it was only a moment.  Life is fleeting.

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