Great minds think alike


Image by Tiago Ribeiro

When I started thinking of writing a blog – it was a way of keeping sane while I was laid off.  It was more of a hobby – after all who wants to read all the thoughts that are over flowing in my head.  But once I started writing there was no stopping – if I did not write for a few days – there is a feeling of restlessness.

The topics ranged from anything to everything – but most of the topics ranged around the observations of life around me – parenting, growing up, opinions, the world, my world, life lessons, fear, happiness to name a few.  So it was awesome to see an online magazine called fear.less – an actual magazine that discusses overcoming fear.  And here I thought I was the only one who has all these fears (hence the great minds title LOL!)  – not true – every single person including the most successful person in the world feels the same way.

So who is a fearless person – one who stares it down or one who avoids it?  Some get paralyzed by it while others are unfazed by it and there are still some who overcome it.  Fear can be big or small – within us or created for us – but it is what we do with that fear that makes the difference.  The biggest mistake is to not do anything about it – because it just festers and erodes the power to do anything.

Having read the posts about how many others have over come their fears – it gives you the inspirations to say – Hey! I can do it too – and you will because you can and you want to.

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