Because God said so


Image by John-Morgan

I am sure you have heard the dreaded ‘Because I said so’.  Well, that is usually your mom and you do so reluctantly because you really don’t have a choice – well, you actually do – but if you are asking why do I have to do it – that is probably the answer you are going to get.  So now what if God told you to do something – would you?

Interestingly enough – most people don’t and if you tell them that God said so, they are not even going to believe you.  So what is it that God really said that she wants you to do? (for those who think that God is a he – I stand corrected by my 6 year old niece who has been taught that it is the woman who holds all the power – I guess the earlier you figure that out the better off you are).

If you have read the books conversations with God – then you will know what I am talking about – but check it out here (paradigm shift).  As illustrated in my last post (  the whole deal about being happy – you cannot have something to do something to be happy.

It has to be the other way around.  You have to be in a state of mind of being happy before you can do anything to get something.  It seems the easiest thing to do but at the same time the hardest.  In this day and age it is so easy to beat yourself up – but I like the way my mother explains it – every time you have a thought even a fleeting thought that is negative – there are 62 demons saying ‘so be it’ or ‘Tathaas tu’.  In the eastern philosophy – it is a powerful Sanskrit term that grants wishes.

So make the choice and fool yourself into a happy state of mind if you are not already happy – and eventually you will feel that way – after all isn’t that what the successful people do – portray an aura of confidence and everyone believes it.

Tathaas Tu!

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