10 tips to keep you sane


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Just because you have so many things going on and are extremely busy does not mean you are getting things done.

I am a huge fan of lists.  I seem to write them all the time and crossing them off gives me great satisfaction.  However – I still get overwhelmed – especially when nothing is in my control and things are not moving fast enough.  A friend wished me saying – hopefully things will slow down for you – and I replied – I don’t want things to slow down – i like having things to do.  Be careful what you wish for right?  So now as I look at that list of things I have planned – I realize it is getting to me.

Maybe it is because I am trying to do too much – so I looked for tips and tricks to keep me sane.  Here is what I found:

1. Take a 20 minute power nap – it does wonders to your energy level and you can always use it as a reward when you have to get things done.

2. Keep your bathroom and kitchen clean and clutter free – you may not believe it – but these are the two rooms in the house that determines your mood – keep it clean and you will feel a sense of calm.

3. Write it down so you don’t have to remember it – that way your brain is free to store other important information.

4. Keep plastic and paper under control – all that junk mail – throw it before you get into the house and keep plastic bags in order – that is what makes the house look messy.

5.  Put it away right away – everything has a spot – if you put it in its place the first time – then you don’t have to spend time looking for it.

6. Feed people when they are hungry – most people are cranky when they are hungry – feed them and you will get lots of  work done faster.

7. Plan ahead and have a plan B, C and D – it never hurts to be prepared.

8. When things get rough- laugh – humor is the best antidote to lighten the mood – tell a  silly joke or watch a funny clip to make you feel better – laughter is the best medicine.

9.  Don’t keep your frustration in – let it out – good for your health – you can always talk to yourself or if you don’t want anyone to hear – scream into a pillow

10.  Don’t take life too seriously – eat chocolate – after all life is too short – enjoy each day to the maximum – so no regrets tomorrow.

5 Responses to “10 tips to keep you sane”

  1. Trans Atlantic Fan says:

    11. Don’t forget to breathe.

    12. Complement atleast one person a day. (I usually do it to hubby, but believe me, it gets harder when I see a wet towel on the bed!!)

    13. Smile more.

  2. Gypsy Girl says:

    you sound like mom!!! :)

  3. Malini says:

    Hey good ones – you got more to add to the list? I should try that with the hubby – maybe I will get more things done – LOL!

  4. Malini says:

    I will take that as a compliment my dear. :)

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