What is life without drama?


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It sure seems like that without any drama life is not complete.  We see it on reality TV – after all art is an imitation of life – so it must happen in real life too- no?  But it seems so petty – all that happens for money, fame, glory, ego – call it what you want – but it seems to satisfy more of the lower emotions.

What is it that drives people to behave a certain way? Why do people become mean and petty?  If you look at the war torn countries – people lie, cheat, steal and fight – because they have been deprived of basic necessities – no food, clothing or a roof over their heads.  Hunger will drive people to do things that they normally will not do – meeting the basic necessities do get people to behave like civilized human beings.

That is the case with most people – and then you have people like Tiger Woods, when you have so much name and fame you think you are above everything else and nothing can touch you.  But the higher you go the harder you fall.  Respect and humility is the name of the game – if you don’t have either – you wont get very far.

You wonder why things happen the way they do – maybe it forces you to look at the situation, maybe it is a sign telling you how things can be  or maybe it is testing to see if you can handle it or not or still maybe it gives you a good insight on how people react.  Children learn by watching their parents – you cannot say ‘Do as I say and not as I do’.  It does not work like that – no matter how hard you try.

So what do you tell your impressionable children about dealing with unpleasant situations? You have to tell them to stand up for themselves, you have to tell them that how they behave is a reflection of their upbringing, you have to tell them that they cannot change anyone except themselves and as long a you are humble and sincere in your dealings – nobody and nothing can touch you.  Definitely not easy lessons to learn but extremely effective.

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