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February 2010

Great minds think alike

Image by Tiago Ribeiro When I started thinking of writing a blog – it was a way of keeping sane while I was laid off.  It was more of a hobby – after all who wants to read all the thoughts that are over flowing in my head.  But once I started writing there

un momento

Image by *saxon* It was a nice surprise, a call – friends from long  ago were in town – did you want to stop by?  Sure – we have not met in more than 10 years -would love to catch up. So we did stop by and

A woman’s point of view

It is an epic that is known to capture every emotion that a person will ever feel.  It was dictated by the great Sage Vyasa and penned by the elephant headed god.  It is not something one reads at home because it creates discord in the household.  I am talking about the Mahabharata – in [...]

A woman’s job

Image by Carissa GoodNCrazy You are so busy doing things that you don’t even look at the time and when you raise your head you realize it is past 4 pm.  Where did the time go?  And then there are days

Three things you can learn from SuperBowl 2010

Image by Mingo.nl What a game it was!  For those that are not familiar Sunday was the Superbowl – the American football game between the Indianapolis Colts (who were the favorites) versus the New Orleans Saints who were obviously the underdogs. Yours truly was on the side of the under dog even though the favorites [...]