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March 2010

The Sound of Music

No, it is not about the movie but what you are going to be surrounded by.  That is what this week and next week is all about.  For those who are not familiar

Secret to Happiness

Image by Sciondriver Life is short, yet so many things happen many times during our life span that change the way we look at things.  Some incidents inspire us, while some hurt us.  Some prompt us to do things to change

What would you do?

Image by ~My aim is true~ I have to say I was appalled.  I heard about this and could not figure out how people could be so narrow minded. Or is it self-preservation?  Think of a situation that happens to you. 

Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

That is the name of the book I was reading a couple days a go – you know what the sub title is? The guidebook you should have been given at birth.  Nice one  and after I read it – I understand why that is so true. Every step about approaching life and making every [...]

How much will you bare?

Image by The Lost Wanderer So in the name of fashion or fame how much are you willing to bare?  With the Oscars not so long ago