How much will you bare?


Image by The Lost Wanderer

So in the name of fashion or fame how much are you willing to bare?  With the Oscars not so long ago and all the hype about the dresses on the red carpet – I am sure the designers had a field day while their favorite stars strutted their stuff.  It is a much awaited and watched program and we all love to see out fave stars decked up to the nines.

So when I saw the picture of Liz Hurley in a shimmering see through saree – I was more in shock than anything.  (I cannot post the pictures here for the sake of propriety).  Then I ended up giggling for a good part of the hour.  I’ll explain why in a moment.

It is less than hundred years ago that the women of the brahmin sect from Keralan, did not believe in covering their torso or wearing a blouse.  Yes – it is the same place known as God’s own country but a few decades ago the blouse was not the norm.  In a place that is hot an humid and the choice is to be comfortable , hence lack of of material or the choice being cotton.

So can you imagine what the other fashionistas must have thought of the time when my grandmother -in-law walked in wearing a blouse, of all things.  O the commotion it created and made her the laughing stock of the community.  What is she wearing – they asked.  She looks so silly, is she trying to look like a man – they asked.  But she was stubborn and with the British making their presence known – she was not going to change her mind.   She endured the jibes and snide remarks and she was right because now everyone was covering up!!!

So when I saw the Liz Hurley picture I could not contain my laughter cause this was like going back in history.  Liz is married to textile magnet from the UK who happens to be of Indian descent.  Now I don’t claim to be an expert on men but I do know Indian men and from the pictures it is quite apparent that he was not a happy camper.

Was Liz trying to make a statement? I think she has a capacity to change how people look at things because she is a star. Maybe she was – trying to make a statement, that is.  However what she did not realize was as she posed for pictures in a see through shimmering saree, she looked stunning and the lights make things a little more clear.  And it was clear to anyone who saw the picture that she had an absolutely gorgeous upper body.  How could you tell – well, I guess you can if you can see right through and notice she did not have a blouse or an underskirt.

So I am sure it must have been embarrassing for her textile magnet husband when he saw the pictures posted.  So now you know why I laughed – cause it was like going back 70-80 years, back to the day when blouses were not in fashion.  It was even funnier when someone asked if she forgot to put a blouse on (which I doubt) or she did not realize that you need one.(hmm I wonder).

Isn’t the point of fashion to be subtle?  So when you bare it all it is not that much fun to look – is it?  I am sure there are others who disagree but I, for one felt really bad for her – cause now everyone is asking – is that for real or is it?  Some things we will never know  or do we want to?

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