Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

That is the name of the book I was reading a couple days a go – you know what the sub title is? The guidebook you should have been given at birth.  Nice one  and after I read it – I understand why that is so true.

Every step about approaching life and making every experience enjoyable is noted.  It is by Joe Vitale and it is a series of observations.  If I had to write something like that – that would be how it is – easy to read and short notes that make total sense.

Reading that I learnt a few things too – approach life without fear, when you write things down, it starts to happen (I already knew that but now someone just confirmed it) and most interesting of all that aging is not normal- meaning that we think it is normal because we see it around us but it is the baggage that we carry around us that makes us old.  I also learnt that failure is not death cause nothing bad ever happens to you and death is just moving on to the next adventure – pretty profound huh?

I already knew but this just confirmed it -  you are your thoughts and you attract what you send out, you get get what you want by asking but if you say you need it, then it pushes it away, if you want love you give love, if you want money, you give money – you give more you get more.  Some of  the concepts relate to what you learn in any scripture – you treat others like you want to be treated and everything is just an illusion.

Pretty interesting stuff and easy to read.  I am going to get a few copies to give as gifts to upcoming graduates – it would have been an amazing book to have when I graduated.

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