What would you do?


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I have to say I was appalled.  I heard about this and could not figure out how people could be so narrow minded. Or is it self-preservation?  Think of a situation that happens to you.  You are going on about your business and end up being a target for a crazy person.  Whatever the reason – the person decides to harass you – he must be delusional or something cause you cannot reason with him.  Talk about shattering your peace of mind.  So what would you do?

As a victim, would you not report it and tell someone about it so that you don’t have to live through that craziness?  Would you not tell other women so that they can be warned as well?  Or would you hold information back because you don’t want people to think badly about you?

What if you were a friend of the victim?  Would you say – please don’t tell me anything because I don’t want to think bad of you?  Or would you hear her out so that you can figure out how to help?  What if you live in the same community – do you not want to know about people who have tendencies to harass so that you can be forewarned about it?

I can understand people not wanting to get involved but I was taken aback with the lack of empathy at a situation like this.  Or do you have to be a victim first to understand the pain of others?  Or are women their own worst enemies? Or maybe it is the age that gives you confidence to stand up and speak out.  Maybe there was a time when I would have kept quiet and not told a soul – but I know what a number it does to one’ s self esteem.  But I think age and experience gives credibility to ones accusations.  After all if it was a teenager – would people say – o maybe she asked for it?

I know how hard it is for one who is not outspoken to get up and take a stand.  But if one was strong – you would not be a target – would you? It has nothing to do with being Indian or American even though sometimes the stereotype does play a role in how you respond.  But no human being deserves to be a victim – some are strong enough to make a lot of noise and deal with it, while those who are not as strong, should have support, after all you don’t know when stuff like that can happen to you – right?

So what would you do?

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