The Sound of Music

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No, it is not about the movie but what you are going to be surrounded by.  That is what this week and next week is all about.  For those who are not familiar - the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana is one of the largest classical music festival outside of  India.  Something that started as a small way of continuing the art and tradition in 1978, has blossomed into a 10 day festival that has almost 2000 people during the opening weekend.

The premises of the Cleveland State University is transformed into a mini Chennai – right from the food, clothes and the music of course.  It takes a tremendous organizational skills to provide everyone with the South Indian fares of curd rice and idlis with delicious sambar.  It is not uncommon during this time to find ladies in beautiful kaancheepuram sarees and diamond studded noses strolling the streets.  Comfort Inn is the  as the official residence of the artistes that come in from India and even the local eating haunts cater a vegetarian fare.

We are here a week before the festivities start.  We have reasons to be proud since both our dance guru and her guru are being honored.  Every year a series of awards are given and the artistes are felicitated and honored for their lifelong contributions to the field of classical music and dance.  And this year it is a double bonus – with two generations from the same school of dance – the Thanjavur style of dance, being recognized on the same stage is a rare indeed.

So what else happens?  Lots of music, vocal and instrumental and there is a music and dance competition, with children  and adults from India and all over the US come to spend their Easter break in Cleveland.  There are dance programs that are a treat to watch since this is an opportunity to see the masters in their field at work.

So if you are interested in dance or music – check out Cleveland during spring break – you won’t be disappointed.

4 Responses to “The Sound of Music”

  1. Sree says:

    I am not quite sure I agree with your sentiment that one will not be disappointed. I am already disappointed at the lack of attention to detail the committee has shown. I know I will not bother with this group ever again.

  2. Malini says:

    Its too bad considering you have never even been to the festival. I would not allow one incident to deny yourself an opportunity to be in an environment to listen to some really good music.

  3. Trans Atlantic Fan says:

    Malini, go easy on sunny boy. Afterall, the kid has an opinion, however unpleasant it may sound!! I am sure u must be front and center at the festival, in your bestest(they shld add this word to the dictionary!) Kanjivaram saree and jasmine flowers.

  4. Malini says:

    So somebody has been reading after all – LOL! Wondering how come I had not heard from you. No – each person is entitled to their opinion, which is based on their experiences.
    However – where else will you get to hear and see this caliber of music unless you went to Chennai during the music season?
    So – you have to give credit to the organizers for bringing this kind of exposure in the US – it is no small task.