Do you love me?


Image by kennethtristan02

That seems to be the underlying question of most people that can either make or break them. Kids want to be loved, teenagers want to be loved, even adults want to be loved.  How one reacts or handles the response to that statement pretty much decides how they handle their life and everything that comes their way.

The only people I know who will love you unconditionally are your parents.  Not your siblings or your grandparents, not even your spouse ( why else do people get divorced?).  I am not saying there are those who are not your parents who will love you unconditionally and there may be some whose parents won’t.

What a powerful question eh? It makes girls go crazy and drives men to drink.  It breaks homes and it creates homes.  It can make your life or destroy it.  Parents tell their child ‘I love you’, teenagers tell their boy/girlfriends, adults tell their significant others.  So what is this love that is so powerful?  You ask the wise – and they talk about God loving you and unconditional love and how wonderful it is.

But have you ever truly loved another human being unconditionally, no matter what? If you ask a mother -she will tell you – yes.  No matter how bad your child is – in a mother’s eyes he can do no wrong.  But have you loved another person that is not a child unconditionally?  It is not easy – cause even if you do – nobody else will see that – cause they cannot see beyond their own insecurities.

For the longest time I thought ‘love you’ was highly overused.  Nobody really meant it – it was just something everyone said cause it was expected.  And then I saw the magic of how the emotion of love along with the word ‘love’ can totally change a person’s outlook to life.  It was rough day, everyone was tired and grumpy.  Everyone was getting on everyone’s nerves.  All it took was one wise person to go up and say something nice and complimentary and wham! things changed.

Not everyone is generous with their love.  But it does not take much. It is like a smile – when you smile the whole world smiles with you or wants to eat what you are eating.  When you say ‘love you’, you have to say it with meaning and total heart and sincerity and then see how your world opens up.

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