The secret to getting what you want


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Have you ever wanted something so bad that you obsessed over it, prayed for it, talked about it, dreamed about it and then when you finally get it – it turns out to be such an anti-climax that you want to go back to the dreaming part?  Then there is the whole other side to it – where you want it so bad and when you don’t get it – you think your life is over.  Of course there are those occasions where you wanted it, you got it and you are thrilled and then you start wanting the next thing on your list.  I have experienced all of the above.

But so far the best experience I have had is when I sent out the message to the universe what I would like and next thing I know it all works out.  There was no stress, no obsessing, nothing extreme in any way.  It just seemed so natural, like it was supposed to happen.  And that, my friends, is the secret to getting what you want.

The moment you want something so bad that it tends move further away from you.  Now, for single people looking for a partner sometimes tends to be a very stressful  time.  Especially for women, who can hear their biological clock ticking.  Eastern philosophy says that getting married and buying a house – 2 main events in a person’s life happen when the time is right.  But I say – that is true for everything in life.

If everything falls into place when it is supposed to happen – then it is meant to be.  If it takes enormous work to get things together – like trying to get similar ends of magnets to attract – then it really was not meant to be.  The universe has a way of making things happen.

People tend to get extremely attached to the results of their actions.  What if I am not the best , what if I fail, what if I don’t make that much money, what if…, what if… – too many what ifs.  What would happen if any of the above happen?  Nothing.  Actually it would force you to look at a whole new angle in life.  And maybe that would be a good thing.

Sometimes when you don’t listen, the universe gives you what you need.  In ways that force you sit up and take notice.  You say – but that is not what I asked for – but then maybe that is what you need first in order to get what you want.  Capisce?

4 Responses to “The secret to getting what you want”

  1. Aarti says:

    Loved this entry Malini.

  2. Aarti says:

    Oh, and have you read The Alchemist? I think you would really enjoy that book :)

  3. Malini says:

    Hey, thanks Aarti. You were my inspiration for this post :)

  4. Malini says:

    Actually I have and I loved it – so much so that I wrote a post about it.
    Check it out here