Top 10 for peace of mind


Image by Hape_Gera

Below are a list of things to think about.  It is simple yet the hardest thing to do if you have not learnt to let go.  Try it and see how it affects your life.

10. When you say you are alone – yes you alone are responsible for your happiness. Nobody else is.  But your guardian angels are always around you. If you need help all you have to do is ask them – they are always ready to help.

9. Having said that – happiness is a state of mind – you can decide whether to be happy or sad.

8. People will say stuff – because they only know their point of view.  They are not going thru what you are – in some ways they are glad it is you and not them.

7. Never ever regret any decision you make.  The very fact that you had the courage to make it means that there was a reason.  So now all you have to do it make it all worthwhile.

6. Love is the most simplest and most powerful of all emotions – it truly does heal.

7. Anything other emotion other than love and compassion corrodes your insides.  So release all those negative emotions and see the difference.

6.  Have complete and absolute faith in the higher power.  He never ever abandons you.  If you are going through all this – there is a lesson to be learnt in it.  If you have not learnt the lesson, then it will keep coming back until you learn the lesson.

5.  All children want is for you to love them – after all you will always be their Dad or Mom, always and forever, no matter what anyone has to say.  Nobody can change that.

4. Forgive yourself – we are the hardest on ourselves.  Love yourself – It soothes the soul and allows you to grow.

3. Love unconditionally.  When you dont expect something in return the rewards are multifold.

2.  Meditate, write, talk to yourself, help others in need, pray – whatever it takes to get the pain out. Leaving it inside will eat up your insides and cause ulcers or a heart attack.

1. You are what you think.  Energy follows thought.  Thoughts are very powerful – so be careful what you think.  So just think of how you want it – and it will happen.

2 Responses to “Top 10 for peace of mind”

  1. Gypsy Girl says:

    Nice set of rules chechi, now if only it were easy to follow them! ;)

  2. Malini says:

    Hey no one said It was easy – why do You think peace of mind is such a precious commodity? But let me tell you once you get there, there is no going back.