Letting Go

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No matter how cliched it sounds do you know there is a section called Letting Go during parent orientation? Needless to say there is a requirement for it.  I was surprised to see how many parents had a hard time with that.  Now there is a difference between letting go and being upset about your child moving away. The latter happens whether you like it or not, the former is something most people struggle with.

This is a precursor to becoming an adult.  Technically they are adults when they are 18 but there is no rule that says that they are going to behave like one.  That depends on what they are used to and the kinds of experiences they have had and scenarios that they are exposed to, but I digress.  Learning to make wise choices whether it be about friends, money or classes is something they will have to learn to do.

So have I let go? Yes I think so.  I am in no hurry to do any of the 5 million things they have to do to make sure their classes and extra curricular are in order.  I have taught them to do laundry and cook – at least the food they like – so they will not starve, they know they have to say please and thank you, be courteous to elders and help those in need.  they know I will not be waking them up in the morning cause they have their own alarm clock and don’t spend if you cannot afford it – half of America’s problems are because of people living beyond their means.

But am I upset that my eldest is going off to college?  Yes, I know so.  Its definitely going to be different. The house will be quieter, there will be less times that I will be waiting up, the room will remain clean and I won’t have to wait for a while before I get hot water and the kitchen will be clean.  But I am going to miss the loud music, discussions on the different experiences and lives of how other people think, arguments over silly things, the joint cooking sessions, critical fashion advice and all the other multitude of happenings in the universe that I am not exposed to.

But I have a feeling that things are going to be interesting from now on.  It is painful to watch while they struggle on issues and you cannot help them, but it is refreshing to see how they take what they have learned and grow and become these adults with fascinating personalities and a mission to make a mark in the world.

Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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