You know you have turned 40

You know when you have turned 40 when:
Number 10
-Everytime you decide to do something new, people will wonder if you are having a mid life crisis.
Number 9
- you justify your grey hair and laugh lines – you wear it with pride – after all you have earned them
Number 8
- your back and knees seem to give out more often than you like (LOL!)
Number 7
- the weight seems to come faster and stay longer – especially around the tummy
Number 6
- you can tell people “I have been doing this for 20 years!” and that is the truth
Number 5
- your kids tell you that you are old to your face (until now they only thought it Smile with tongue)
Number 4
- When you see those 20 somethings make plans on how life is going to turn out for them – you shake your head and think – those poor souls don’t have a clue
Number 3
- the technology that you grew up with is now in the Smithsonian
Number 2
- you really dont care what other people think, cause you are going to do whatever you want and to hell with rest of the world (cause you still have half your life to live – you think :) )

Number 1
- You look back and wonder how you survived and you look forward and say “Let the Good Times Roll”‘

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