Are you here?

Image By  Ponsuwan

Am I? Am I? Yes I am present.  How do I know that? Because I am breathing, I can feel my breath. Have you tried that?  It is the best way to reel you back into the present while you are busy wondering why the past was the way it was or worrying about the future. Did you know that your mission in life is to live as many experiences as possible? Did you know that a long life is not by the number of days but the number of experiences?  Doesn’t that sound like a cliche’ you have heard before? Did you know that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional? Just like from great freedom comes great responsibility, from great pain comes great growth. Sounds corny doesn’t it? Yeah but true nonetheless.

Maybe it has something to do with the time of year but I feel like I am at  my annual performance review with life: taking stock of where I have been, what I have accomplished, what have I learnt and where do I want to go. Its a good thing.  Keeps you on track of where you are in life and checks to see if you have gone off course.  Most people complain about not having enough time. I think I have enough of it, its a matter of perspective. Most people want to win the lottery, for me, money is a by product, a means to an end. Life has a strange way of forcing you to face the truth. Lessons that are not learnt the first time keep coming back until you figure it out. The signs are all over the place.

But one has to learn to look and listen and not question. I forget that everyone is in a different stage in life. I forget that age has nothing to do with wisdom. Sometimes the most profound statements come from the mouth of babes.  I forget that doing things because of ego only causes pain and heartache. I forget that letting go is truly allowing you to be free of pain.  A wise friend told me that sacrifice is forced and letting go is voluntary.

While I start to recall all the things I have forgotten, I also remember to breathe. I am most definitely here and I am in the present. Are you?

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