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Are you here?

Image By  Ponsuwan Am I? Am I? Yes I am present.  How do I know that? Because I am breathing, I can feel my breath. Have you tried that?  It is the best way to reel you back into the present while you are busy wondering why the past was the way it was or [...]

I missed you!

Matt Buchanan from Flickr It took me  while to figure out what it was. Why that sense of restlessness, like something is incomplete or not been accomplished.  Like I forgot something, the mind jumping from thought to thought like a drunken monkey.  The feeling of desolation and despair – how can one feel like that even when you have everything? Nothing [...]

You know you have turned 40

You know when you have turned 40 when:   Number 10 -Everytime you decide to do something new, people will wonder if you are having a mid life crisis.   Number 9 – you justify your grey hair and laugh lines – you wear it with pride – after all you have earned them   Number 8 [...]

Secret of No Stress

Image by Andrew Currie Picture this – you are old enough to drive a car, and to shop on your own but you don’t know how to go home -  because you don’t have a GPS.  You did wrote down the directionsbut you can’t read your own handwriting.  You had to go somewhere else but [...]

Letting Go

Image by batega No matter how cliched it sounds do you know there is a section called Letting Go during parent orientation? Needless to say there is a requirement for it.  I was surprised