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Reflections of a year gone by

Image by Jody McNary I can’t believe a year has gone by.  Much has happened, much has been learned and there is much more to learn.  I was looking at the new year resolutions that I had made last year and it was very much a reflection of my state of mind.  I look at [...]

12 things I learnt on my blogging journey in 2009

Image by Alancleaver_2000 The spirit of Christmas was the inspiration for this article.  Join me as I journey through the world of blogging in 2009. (This is a long one – so grab that cup of cocoa and get comfy ) On the first month of Blogging the Universe sent my way, the unemployment line [...]

Goal setting

Image by Joyosity Have you ever heard of SMART goals?  I am sure many of you have while at work and doing your performance plan – if not, no worries – this is what it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable,  Realistic and Timely.  But here is the irony – I find out more about it [...]

Nobody’s perfect….

Image by Monica’s Dad …but in in your minds eye they are perfect for you.  Wise words told to me by sister, the voice of reason when I cannot think straight. My world was shaken..the rose colored glasses came off..I realized that people change, they grow up..some just take longer than others. I realized you [...]

Is it all about the money?

Image by brainware3000 The whole world was watching and listening while Tiger Woods dealt with his personal ‘transgressions’ publicly.  Poor guy! He had no idea what it was like to be at  the brunt of public scrutiny at the hands of the press.   While the police were able to close the case, his trial with [...]