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Top 10 for peace of mind

Image by Hape_Gera Below are a list of things to think about.  It is simple yet the hardest thing to do if you have not learnt to let go.  Try it and see how it affects your life.


Image by Vato Bob Kissable Impressionable Demanding Souls – my version of what kids are. We have them,


Image by Wonderlane Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  In an attempt to keep alive the past – we continue to do them in the present.  But has one noticed that those traditions were based on the life and times of a different era?  Is it possible

The secret to getting what you want

Image by tanakwho Have you ever wanted something so bad that you obsessed over it, prayed for it, talked about it, dreamed about it and then when you finally get it –

Secret to a successful marriage

Image by Michal Hadassah Have you noticed that if the woman is unhappy – the whole family is unhappy?  Well, you have not figured that out by now, play close attention.