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There is nothing wrong in believing in Happily Ever After. I am a die hard romantic. I get made fun of a lot because I believe in romance. I admit, it is my guilty pleasure – reading romance novels. But I have to defend it – it makes you look at the world in a [...]

Passing Judgement

Sometimes I wonder why being good takes so much effort. It is so easy to criticize and pass judgement on others especially when we don’t have to be in their shoes. What is it about human nature that makes them want to be one up on every body else? Look around you and take note [...]

Get out of your Comfort Zone

When you work for a a fast paced aggressive company, you are constantly trying to prove yourself. It works very well for Type A personalities where they thrive on being on the edge. However for those that are not Type A’s there is something to learn from that. Being in a situation where you are [...]

Decision time

Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball so that I could tell my kids if the choices they made are the right ones. Sometimes I wish I could tell if the choices I made are the right ones. This time of life is hard – both for parents and children. This time meaning summer [...]

A Celebration

It was an emotional occasion, a graduation party for a senior going off to college.I am sure for most grad parties – the occasion calls for friends, food and games. But Indian grad parties tend to be a family affair. They invite not just the kids but parents and family from far and wide attend. [...]