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What if….

What if you could change the past – what would be the one thing that you would go back and change? When you are a teenager you are still trying to figure out who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You still don’t know who your friends are. Don’t they say that [...]

Are you a mean mom?

I remember an article talking about being a mean mom and how good it is for your kids – cause that is what keeps them safe. I never realized that until my daughter talked to me about her out of town school trip. Now she is not exactly the neatest or organized of people and [...]

Time flies

When you send out a query to the universe, you can be certain you will get an answer. A few weeks ago I was thinking about my high school friends and wondered what they were up to. The reason for thinking about them was a discussion between my high schooler and definition of ‘friends’. in [...]

State of the economy and mens underwear

Who would have thought but apparently according to Alan Greenspan – the state of men’s underwear is an indication of the state of the economy. I really would not have thought of that – but I guess if the spouse did not replace it or you did not go out and get more meaning that [...]


…is a virtue. A very good character to have and very hard to attain. It could be almost a requirement for business, very necessary for teachers and for the current generation. However it can be seen as non aggressive and taken advantage of. I look at it as if it did not happen it was [...]