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Do you remember when

Image by alexerhead When I saw the news about a teenager winning 60 grand for texting and the news that they plan to ban phones while driving I had to write this. Do you remember when we had black and white televisions and programs only till 11 pm – now it

Because God said so

Image by John-Morgan I am sure you have heard the dreaded ‘Because I said so’.  Well, that is usually your mom and you do so reluctantly because you really don’t have a choice – well, you actually do – but if you are asking why do I have to do it – that is probably [...]

The 99 club

Image by A National Acrobat Have you ever heard of the 99 club?  Here is an Indian folktale that illustrates the concept. Once upon a time,

Great minds think alike

Image by Tiago Ribeiro When I started thinking of writing a blog – it was a way of keeping sane while I was laid off.  It was more of a hobby – after all who wants to read all the thoughts that are over flowing in my head.  But once I started writing there

un momento

Image by *saxon* It was a nice surprise, a call – friends from long  ago were in town – did you want to stop by?  Sure – we have not met in more than 10 years -would love to catch up. So we did stop by and